Virtual live online green belt six sigma courses in Tembisa
i2KO provides year-round virtual live green belt Six Sigma training in Tembisa. Our green belt practitioners are equipped with the skills to apply the appropriate tools at the right time, enabling them to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control critical processes and maximize efficiency. By doing so, they increase cost savings and improve the company's bottom line. We offer both DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma green belt courses virtually.
It is highly recommended to book in advance, especially for green belt courses in Tembisa. At i2KO, we prioritize the practical abilities of our green belt students, ensuring they can generate savings of at least six figures for their companies.

Online Video Courses

Learn directly from our very own trainers, who use studio-grade equipment to record modules on our various topics. We use one of the top LMS systems in the world, which allows you to watch the video modules and complete quizzes the whole way through before completing your final exams.

Virtual Training?

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Our highly skilled trainers are ready to teach you everything you need to know from a location you find suitable. Our virtual instructor-led training has the added benefit of being in a classroom-based setting and taught through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or a software of your preference when larger groups are involved.


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Our classroom-based training is the créme de la créme of our already high standard training. We believe that the responsibility of learning Six Sigma lies in our ability to teach you, not in how hard you can focus or study! Our trainers have been carefully selected as industry experts, who have expertise and experience not only in successful Six Sigma practices in the real world, but also in conducting training.


At my company – 3

Training staff on-site at your companies facilities can be organised on special request, please enquire below if you require it.