Green belt six sigma courses in Cape Town
2KO International's instructor-led Green Belt Six Sigma courses in Cape Town have received exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. These courses are highly sought-after because Green Belt practitioners possess the knowledge and skills to utilize the relevant tools effectively, enabling them to optimize critical processes through the stages of definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, and control. As a result, businesses can achieve substantial cost savings and enhance their overall profitability. We offer both in-person DMAIC and LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt courses.

Online Video Courses

Learn directly from our very own trainers, who use studio-grade equipment to record modules on our various topics. We use one of the top LMS systems in the world, which allows you to watch the video modules and complete quizzes the whole way through before completing your final exams.

Virtual Training?

Virtual training – 5

Our highly skilled trainers are ready to teach you everything you need to know from a location you find suitable. Our virtual instructor-led training has the added benefit of being in a classroom-based setting and taught through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or a software of your preference when larger groups are involved.


2KO Offices – 6

Your ability to learn Six Sigma is dependant on the quality of your learning materials and the lessons themselves. We understand that it is our responsibility to deliver you the highest quality training to achieve this. All of this is made possible by utilizing trainers with years of practical experince in practicing and teaching Six Sigma methadology at the highest level.


At my company – 3

Training staff on-site at your companies facilities can be organised on special request, please enquire below if you require it.